Beer, It's not just for breakfast anymore!


So this site has been seriously neglected for over a year. I've mostly used the hosting service as a testbed for other projects and for running the registration site for the Final Gravity Craftbrewer's annual Strong Beer Competition.

I've got some material saved up based on my brewing endeavors and am looking forward to sharing. I've added a separate blog for that at

I will hopefully continue to add some tech notes on this blog going forward.


Automatic Grade Calculator

This tool was written for my wife who is a second grade elementary school teacher. She was tired of using her calculator to figure out a student's grade percentage on tests and quizzes and asked if I could make a page where she could input the number of questions and have a quick reference chart with the grade percentages generated.

So, here it is, Ms. Rushing's Quick Grades Calculator!

I wish it were Wine-Thirty again

Here's a little bit about our amazing getaway to the Beechwood Inn in Clayton, Ga back at the beginning of April. Thank you David and Gayle for providing everything we needed as we recharged and explored Rabun. Salut!

Beechwood Inn's Website

From Beechwood Inn
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